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" A group of hospitality professionals, advisory and Management Company to the leading business houses, government institutions, and smart startups!!"

We are a professional hospitality advisory group offering Clients unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in the field of hospitality, customer service, user friendly specific kitchen set up, cost effective Food and beverages guidelines, strategic & effective business development avenues for luxury and any kind of establishments.   Our relentless focus and passion towards hospitality has enabled us to become experts in these specialized segments.


Our Mission is to be innovative towards revenue generation tactics, persistent training on keen operational oversight, providing an exceptional customer’s vow experience and delivering increased asset value to our partners.


To drive process and be a Valued partner in Group’s success for Learning & Developments 

Our Goal 

To enable process driven businesses & growth for our Clients / Associates.

We deliver this by merging advanced financial analytics together with strategic planning. Our every decision and recommendation are based on the ultimate economic value & feasibility for our Clients.

We offer our services ranging from Advisory, Management and Operatorship. This translates into two advantages for our Clients; First, we offer comprehensive hospitality solutions from site selection & operations; Second, our Clients benefit from our multi-faceted background as consultants, operators, owners, and property managers.

Hospitality Passion and its affiliates, represent over 30 years of proud experience & expertise in hospitality Industry.

We welcome you and to explore our extended services.